Introducing the Ikon Orchestration Platform.

Ikon is the orchestration platform that powers every Keross partnership. It is designed to connect all systems, data, people and processes to deliver the environment for successful experiences and engagement. Ikon is truly unique.

  • Technology and industry agnostic for all your integration needs; including people, processes, applications, data and external partner digital assets.
  • Fully flexible and scalable; crossing multi-cloud, hybrid, big data, ai/ml, datacenters and mobile execution environments, delivering a hightened experience and engagement with clients, partners and employees.
  • Designed and developed from ground up and with latest technology as its backbone.
  • Self-sustainable, without any need for a third-party support.

Key Benefits.

Key Features.

Model-driven workflow design

Business processes are automated as digital, visual workflow models with access control across systems, applications and data.

Multi-database management

Depending on the application or nature of data, Ikon interacts with MySQL, MongoDB, Maria DB, Redis, Cassandra, Elastic Search or Influx.

Native integration capabilities

In addition to the unique development methodology, Ikon has built-in toolkits for synchronous and asynchronous integration with any third-party application or system, with the help of APIs (intrusive) or RPA (non-intrusive).

Quick and agile development

Industry agnostic business requirements are quickly converted into business applications by the Ikon team using low code. Changes are managed with agility via fully-featured code editors supporting various languages such as Javascript, Scala, Python, R. All large-scale business scenarios can be modularly created and gradually linked.

RPA/RDA methodology

Ikon implements intelligent automation by applying any of the well-known methodologies. Whether your business requires Selenium or Puppeteer based Web Scraping on any of the popular browsers, OpenCV based Screen Scraping of image files, Tesseract OCR Java Access Bridge for Java based desktop applications or AutoIT and Windows Access Bridge for Windows based desktop applications, Ikon can help.

Advanced computation and analytics

Ikon utilises out-of-the-box integrations with R and Python execution environments for exploratory as well as professional statistical and individual predictive analysis. Even big data analysis and application of machine learning algorithms is possible while using out-of-the-box integration with distributed computation engine Apache Spark, with and without Hadoop.

Ikon Architecture.

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