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Keross Partner Programs empower consultancy firms and service providers to develop new business and revenue potential on Ikon Orchestration Platform. The Keross Partner Network spans the globe and offers well designed programs for business strategy consultancies, systems integrators, auditors and business process service providers.Whether you want to extend your existing customer relationships, expand market reach, or enhance your service portfolio, Keross Partner Programs provide the technology and professional support to reach your full business potential.


  • Put Ikon Orchestration Platform behind your service initiatives.
  • Build new revenue opportunities on the Ikon technology foundation.
  • Extend client relationships with powerful operational management and process automation capabilities.
  • Enhance marketing and sales traction with Keross solution messaging and collateral.


  • No direct business with partner clients.
  • Complete sales and technical training to augment partner autonomy.
  • Customization and integration of the iKon platform, per partner’s business drivers.
  • Marketing, messaging, and PR support.

VAR partners resell Keross services to their existing customers, with or without adding additional features. As a VAR, you can add Keross services to your solution portfolio or combine Keross services with your own as an integrated turn-key solution. Deep discounts on Keross services give VARs real flexibility in defining cost-effective offerings and go-to-market strategies.

As an MSP, you’ll have access to the Keross blueprint for empowering customers to focus on their business objectives, rather than the routine tasks of managing their IT infrastructures. Keross’s solutions are grounded in ITSM and ITIL best practices, empowering innovative managed-service offerings that improve IT service levels, meet governance objectives, and reduce operational costs. By developing service offerings around Keross’s innovative Ikon platform, MSPs can offer state-of-art, enterprise-level services at a fraction of the usual cost. Ikon’s flexible architecture and robust reporting interface support rapid development, deployment, and proof-of-value for MSP services, producing more durable, profitable client relationships.

As an MSSP, you will be able to leverage Keross’s comprehensive infrastructure protection services for more powerful client engagements. Keross vulnerability scanning and remediation services streamline costly and time-consuming tasks associated with security risk management, compliance, operational audit, and operational management. By building innovative security-solution offerings around the Ikon SaaS platform, MSPs can respond to clients’ expanding security audit and assurance needs with aggressively competitive, state-of-art solution offerings.

The Keross Strategic Alliance Program helps established solution vendors to expand and enhance their existing portfolio with new SaaS-based assessment, management, and reporting functionality. As a Keross Strategic Alliance partner, you can define and deliver unique, strategic service offerings that leverage the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of Keross SaaS-based solutions.
Strategic Alliance partnerships are flexible and tailored to partner business drivers. Software vendors can extend service coverage to customer OS and hardware infrastructures, while providing active support for existing services. Consulting and auditing companies can track findings, define collaborative client workflows, and publish performance reports through Ikon’s online reporting services. ISPs can track and prove service reliability levels, monitor customers’ online application performance, and use Ikon reporting to optimize internal hardware and software performance. These are just a few examples: we’re happy to work with partners to find unique ways to drive and support their business.

Keross’s White Label Platform License empowers service providers to ehance and extend existing customer relationships with our powerful BPM and audit-process automation technologies. White labeling kBPM and kAPM Platforms opens the door to new revenue streams and service models on Keross’s innovative process-design and automation capabilities.
Focus on building your business: Keross will take care of your IT service platform’s technical design, functionality, and performance. As natively built SaaS solutions, Ikon Insight Performance Management and Process & Workflow Management are virtually plug-and-play as white label solution offerings. No required APIs. No back-end integration demands. Just innovation and performance efficiency.