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Manage your entire IT infrastructure from a managerial, operational and technical perspective. Seamlessly monitor live all network components from routers, firewalls, switches, servers and mission critical applications. Relieve your engineer’s workload by automating troubleshooting and routine activities. Build and monitor your KPIs/KRIs scorecard.
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Aggregate, correlate and visualize all forms of data simultaneously, from different sources including SQL, Oracle and raw data files. Boost your efficiency by automating reports and dashboards. Perform statistical and predictive analysis in order to obtain precise results.
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Govern dashboards and monitor your custom-built metrics in order to reveal process risk, or bottle-necks, when and where they may occur. Increase productivity and efficiency by optimizing your processes through our powerful workflow, documentation and communication management platform.
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Enhance the management, maintenance and evolution of policies and procedures by performing scheduled audits and self assessments. Automate, optimize and control your business operations, system and enterprise information. Reduce time, cost and resources when performing audits, while mitigating potential business risk exposure.
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Increase the potential for automation and development lifecycle of processes configuration. Define a best practice approach to streamline your processes. Calculate increased quality of outputs while monitoring the steady decrease of downtime or reworking due to human error.
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Ikon delivers accurate insights for better business decisions. From real-time service performance dashboards, reports and notifications to managing your people, systems and processes. Ikon enables you to have visibility of your resources, their activity as well as performance. Go a step further and future-proof your business with thorough knowledge of your service capacity, availability, continuity, change and demand. Through Ikon’s real-time monitoring and integrated analytics capability, the continuous stress of business growth is manifested, empowering managers to plan more efficiently.


At any given time, auditors and managers might be tracking hundreds, even thousands, of process and control objectives. In order to conduct this efficiently, visibility of operational control and assets is crucial. Ikon enables live aggregation of this data, computation and understandings of assurance workflow statuses, relevant communications and findings. Ikon reduces time and resource expenditures by automating audit tracking, workflows, scheduling and documentation. This helps reduce the costs of operational assurance while exponentially improving information control. Ikon improves overall information integrity, confidentiality, availability support, business processes and ultimately boosts bottom-line performance.


Ikon enables companies to enhance efficiency by minimizing redundancy and waste, leveraging resources in contribution to its success by streamlining workforce, technology and business processes. The reduced internal costs, resulting from enhanced efficiency, allows companies to obtain higher profit margins while delivering a sharpened quality of service in a competitive market. Ikon helps deliver sophisticated products and services to its customers, in the most cost-effective manner, without jeopardizing quality, service and support. Ikon’s orchestration capabilities provide tools to help streamline companies’ core processes in order to dynamically respond to continually changing market forces.


Ikon helps reduce time and cost of collecting, correlating and reporting accurate performance knowledge. From asset allocation to service distribution, staff accountability, software licensing and vendor value, you will know your market position and future path. Ikon is designed to support end-to-end operational management and natively adjust as your business evolves. Ikon’s orchestration capability offers built-in Infrastructure Management (ITIL v3), Business Process Management, GRC Management, Analytics and Robot Process Automation. This will help your company manage your core business attributes, your people, systems and processes.


The “rise of the machines” may be ominous to some, but in the corporate world across all industries the rise of automation is a welcome innovation. Continuing advancements in automation have led to increased productivity, efficiency, reliability and confidence. What once was done manually can now be performed by automation, producing results in a fraction of the time. In an era where innovation led disruption is the name of the game, Ikon enables businesses to implement process automation for all mission critical applications such as web application and desktop application.


Operational assurance is fundamentally a process of reducing uncertainty. To ensure managerial confidence in the availability, security and integrity of a complex business system, companies require specialized insight, tracking and reporting capabilities. Ikon’s orchestration capabilities help you meet these demands by providing expert risk management, audit process management and sophisticated reporting capabilities at your fingertips. From privacy laws to contracts, technology licenses, regulatory obligations and service level agreements (SLA’s), Ikon provides the tools, tracking and analysis to ensure you stay on top of your legal obligations. Besides supporting ongoing compliance and risk management efforts, Ikon further provides historical and analytical needs to its users for ongoing improvement of assurance initiatives.